Thursday, June 25, 2009


After four long years Thomas finally received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Phoenix in Business Management and Marketing. We are so happy and proud of him for all the sacrifices he has made to make a better life for himself and our family. It has taken a tremendous amount of self discipline, courage, tenacity, riziliantcy, leadership, consistency, patience, creativity, and love to accomplish this personal goal that he set for himself 12 years ago as a missionary. It has been a long journey which began with a few classes at B.S.U. and a break that lasted for about 4 years. In the spring of 2005
 we  realized that it was time and that U.O.P. offered a great opportunity for Thomas to accomplish a personal goal. Our family has become so close and strong through all of the years of sacrifice. We are so grateful for the support we have received from our families and the Lord's guidance as we strive to live to our families potential.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day

We spent the memorial weekend down in Utah, traveling down with Perry and Alice. We took the rare opportunity to spend the day at Lagoon! The kids had a fantastic time, Caleb and Grace experiencing their first rides on the kiddie rides. Rose got a bit freaked out on the Lady Bug drop and Thomas had to convince her to ride it. Caleb was a wild man! He loved every ride and it is safe to say that when it comes to thrill rides he is like his dad, NO FEAR!! Grace was tired most of the day and rode very few rides that she did not end up crying by the end. We met up with Davin and Karen as well as Barry and Deb Jenkins. It was very nice to see them and spend the day catching up on recent events. Melissa isn't much into the big thrill rides but did go on a few and enjoyed watching Davin's face on the Screamer as he and Karen went whipping by. She did brave the Wild Mouse and even Rose went but soon after remembered why she did not like the ride the first time she rode it several years ago, IT'S TO JERKY!! Thomas of course rode about every big thrill ride in the park along with Deb, Karen, and Rachel! The highlight being the WICKED rollercoaster that included Perry! Deb, Rachel, Thomas, and Karen. Those who where less brave stood below and watched and everyone agreed they could here Rachel SCREAM!!! loud and clear. Overall the day was extremely fun for everyone and the biggest surprise was seeing Perry ride some of the bigger thrill rides. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Current Events

Recently in the Foster Family there have been some big and exciting changes. Back in February Thomas decided to leave Kelly-Moore for a better opportunity. We are now earning an income using our own business and have achieved a 10 year dream to be independent and be owners of our own business. We are doing well and are excited to what our future will bring to our family. Thomas also will soon begin his last class for his bachelors degree and has recently been offered a scholarship to continue on with his masters in September. Melissa is enjoying being a mom and helping with the new business, attending meetings, and helping where she can. Melissa is also enjoying her calling as the ward chorister. Rose is having a blast with her schooling as she learns by doing her favorite art activities at Pioneer Elementary. She recently had an audition for a school play and will find out which part she will have after the spring break. Caleb is learning and growing in many ways as well. He and his mom have been working hard on his numbers and letters and all the things to get him ready for kindergarten in the fall. He has also discovered a passion for video games and expressed interest in going fishing with Dad again soon. Grace is growing up fast! She has really improved her vocabulary lately and has tons of fun as she works to try and mimick her older siblings and what they are doing.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shoot for got to post this a couple weeks ago!

Well since BYU failed to become the specatular BCS Busters that Some(i wont mention names) deemed practacly heavenly during the pre season I only have one thing to say. HA HAHA HAHA HAHAHA AHAHA! YOU WERE SO WRONG! and just to back me up check this out.

BYU LOSES TO UTAH!!! HE HE They went down in a flying ball of flames!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Broncos defeat the Oregon and take the spotlight again!

He said they wouldn't do it and that BSU would have three losses by the time they hit WAC play! guess you where wrong again Uncle willie!!

To you and all the rest that doubted BSU this year all I have to say is stick it in your ear!!

EUGENE, Ore. -- If Boise State wanted to be mentioned in the same
breath as the program-defining 2006 team, the Broncos took steps in
that direction with Saturday's 37-32 win over No. 17 Oregon.

Boise State

AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens

Boise State is thinking about 2006 after beating Oregon on the road Saturday.

It was the Broncos' first win over a BCS opponent in a true road
game and the biggest win for the program since capping that 2006 season
with an overtime win over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. It's the biggest
regular-season win since the Broncos defeated a ranked and undefeated
Fresno State team in 2001, the first year the Broncos joined the WAC.

"This is big," Boise State coach Chris Petersen said. "I know
Oregon had some quarterback issues and stuff that helped us, but even
with that you can see how explosive they are. So it was great for our
guys to be able to hang on and get this done."

In 2006, Boise State went undefeated and had a dramatic
come-from-behind win against Oklahoma. It had some thinking that the
Broncos should have gotten a shot at the national championship.
Although the Broncos are a long way from the end of the season, they
are the only undefeated team remaining in the WAC and one of only six
undefeated teams remaining in the non-BCS.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer Time Adventures

WOW! What a busy summer the Fosters have had this year! Rosie and Thomas both had birthdays and again on the same day this year! Go figure! Rosie had some friends over to a little party while Thomas simply hid out and tried to forget about turning 30! Over all it was a good day. Tony and Thomas along with a few others attended a buffalo wing extravaganza that they where invited to where dozen of BBQ cooks spent time cooking all types of wings, wing sauces, and a few other BBQ favorites. Needless to say there are plans for Thomas and Tony to participate in the event next year.
Fourth of July this year was spent in Melba at the Ole' Time Fourth of July Celebration. Complete with Tractor pulling contest and a chicken round-up for the kids. Rosie participated and did in fact catch a chicken, which she got to keep(it now resides at Neil & Holly Hunters chicken coup). The fireworks were the best we have seen in very long time and overall we had a very fun and long day.
I few weeks later we set out on our next adventure to the Oregon coast. This was the Foster reunion which really desires a blog on its own so I will not indulge to much in this one. We as a family left a few days earlier and spent some time visiting water falls, picking fresh blueberries at a berry farm, and visiting the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) in Portland. We also spent time at the Portland Temple and read scriptures on the Temple grounds as a Family. Before leaving for the coast we also visited the Oregon Zoo and had a great time learning about all kinds of animals. The highlight was without a doubt the Polar Bear as we got to see two of them up close! THEY ARE HUGE!!!
Our next adventure was the Roundy Family reunion which was spent in town this year. Thomas a Melissa got tickets to see Katie Roundy (sister in law) star as Ado Annie in the musical play Oklahoma. She was definitley the star in that production. The kids spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa Roundy and had tons of fun playing games together with their cousins. The next day the whole family spent time playing games and visiting with each other.
The final trip this summer was to Bear Lake for the annual Hunter Reunion or rebellion as some like to call it. Grace is potty training (yes already and we are excited by her progress!) so it took us for ever to get there but we had fun none the less. The Labor day weekend was filled with swimming, playing games, and various other activities. We had tons of fun despite the rainy Sunday evening and wet beds. More in this whole trip in an other blog as well.
So that in a nut shell was our summer adventures aside from a few fishing trips which I am sure Thomas will be posting soon since he and his little man always have fun adventures. We will try to keep up with this more often now since it seems there is more interest from family to know our goings on.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The next day the morning was cold and rainy and the animals were not moving around much opting instead to stay bedded down. We did a little exploring out on the dessert roads but soon became discouraged. After lunch, we decided to visit a draw that we had taken deer out of on two other occasions in prior years. As we pulled up to the gate and crossed the rickety bridge spanning the canal, we discussed our tactics for hunting the huge hillside that lay before us. The plan was to send Dad around the front of the hill and skirt the opposite side, while Davin and I walked the front. This way is one party scared deer over the other side than the party opposite would have a likely second look at the deer attempting to escape. On the far side of the hill was a saddle pass that we agreed that both parties would climb and meet. Our separate journeys began and Davin and I began searching the hillside for any signs of movement. The draw below the hillside was a flat pocket leading up to the far side of the hill and ending on the slope of the saddle we had designated as the meeting place. About half way up, I jumped two does out of a gully that stretched the base of the hill. The does casually walked up the hill and picked up six or seven other does as they climbed the hill and went over the top and on to Dad’s side of the hill. Davin and I quickly identified each doe as they joined the other deer on the trail over the mountain. We continued up the draw further moving slowly and fervently keeping an eye on the hillside. We spied a few more does moving among the rocky crowns that covered parts of the hilltop but still no bucks appeared among them. These too climbed over the top of the mountain and continued onto Dad’s side of the hill. Davin and I were soon approaching the up hill slope of the saddle we were to meet Dad when suddenly Davin stopped. He had spotted three new deer who had appeared suddenly from the rock outcroppings near the peak of the hill. Upon closer inspection and spying through our gun scopes we positively determined that on was a buck. Not a big one by any means but we were both willing to take a shoot at him. I had sat down and barely found the deer in my scope when Davin took his first shot at the deer. He Missed! But the deer only took a set or two, turned around, and stopped. Davin took a second shot and hit the deer in the shoulder and chest. The deer fell and struggled trying to get back up onto its feet. Davin shot a third time and missed but the deer fell back to the ground and never tried to get up again. In the excitement I forgot all about Dad and his whereabouts. Instead, Davin and I talked about where the deer had fallen and the best route up to the designated spot. We determined that it would be best if I stayed at the bottom and guided Davin up the hill just in case he got off track and so that if the deer got up and ran again that I would have a likely chance to kill the deer if it attempted to escape. I was nervous and excited for Davin as he started his ascent towards the kill spot. Davin found his way up fairly quickly and as he was closely approaching the spot that his deer lay an interesting thing happened. Another buck that had been laying and hiding in a rock crevice close to Davin’s dead deer suddenly jumped up and began running as Davin was only ten feet from its hiding place. I in the mean time had taken a few steps up toward the rocky slope and had stopped to rest when the animal jumped from the rocks and began running for the top. I pulled my gun to my shoulder and took aim as I heard Davin shout,” Shoot it! Shoot it! It is a buck shoot it!.” But before he could finish I pulled the trigger and MISSED! I missed my first shot. I was winded from the short climb I had taken and I rushed the shot thinking I would only have one opportunity for a shot at the buck. I did not give up however. Instead, I pumped another shell into the chamber, made a quick adjustment to my scope settings, returned the gun to my shoulder and took aim again at the deer. By this time the buck was nearing the crest of the hill and had slowed from a run to a slight bounce. I took careful aim at the deer’s upper shoulder, lead it just a bit, and squeezed off the shot making sure to time it at the time the deer would hit the earth on its next bounce. I held my breath for one second, and then two. My head was swimming and I could feel adrenaline and excitement rush over my whole body. Had I really seen what I thought was the head of the deer flop over and fall to the ground? Had the deer instantly vanished into thin air? Or had I seen it drop like a rock to the ground immediately after I pulled the trigger? I was in denial. The deer could not have vanished and yet the deer was not continuing over the top of the hill. The only explanation of the deer’s apparent disappearance was that I had finally completed a goal that had eluded me since the time I was twelve and for the past seventeen years. I had just shot and killed my very first mule deer. The realization flooded over me in a heap of emotions and I clambered huffing and puffing up the steep embankment and up the slope to the spot I was sure my new prize had fallen defeated. The seconds felt like minutes as I stumbled and clawed my way upwards towards the crowning rocks above. I heard another shot ring out and figured it must be Davin finishing off his deer he had just located among the jagged labyrinth of rock formations. Only minutes past by when I was nearing the crest of the slope. Davin had abandoned his deer and was trying to locate the spot were mine deer had fallen. All I could say was,” It’s down. Davin it’s down. It was near the top. It’s down.” Davin continued the search with me pointing the direction that I knew the dead deer lay. My mouth was dry and my breathing heavy as I came ever closer to the spot I last saw the deer land. Davin repeated that he could not find any trace of it as I neared a particular out cropping of rock shaped like the bow of a massive oil ship. I neared the bottom of the rock piled and again as Davin professed to not see any sign of the deer I stopped in my tracks. Just above me about 5 feet away lay my small trophy mule deer buck. I yelled for Davin that I had found it and he came running over. It was a glorious moment as we yelled, screamed, and hugged at the sight and realization that we had just performed the first ever known tandem deer kill in the foster family. This was a rare occasion and we spent the following minutes looking over the magnificent animals we had just killed and wondering where Dad had gotten too. I ran over the top of the hill hoping to locate dad on the opposite side. Little did I know that when the shooting first began Dad had headed to the top of the saddle were we where suppose to meet and upon arrival heard us yell. He quickly located us and headed for the top to join us in our little celebration. Not being able to find Dad down the back side slope I decide it would be best to return and begin the process of dragging the deer off the mountain.